How to go with Latest Fashion Trends?

Fashion as a swerving country road and trends have a way of divided in two, so that the latest fashion trend is as likely to be a rejoin to other recent trends as it is to be a riff on the style. This season’s road less traveled may well be the pantsuit and the shirt dress. After so many seasons of girly-girl fashions, it’s predictable that a number of top designers would all together start on a bit of yang to counter in that entire yin. Are you a fashion professional, so then keep abreast of the latest fashion news as it’s of the core to your success. And if you are a fashion fanatic, then stay sentient to the latest fashion to make fun delectable.

Anyone who watches the fashion industry knows that the fashion world is designed up of seasonal trends that come and go like the wind. Hot yesterday may be cold as ice today and hot ten seasons ago may be making a amazing comeback, this goes unexpectedly approved with fashion industry. So, You must always be out of harm’s way investing in a few to be a foil for your wardrobe, but always be sure to stock your closet with safe trend fasteners like the well-stitched gutter coat, gorgeous heels, and modest black attires, these will get you through for longer episodes.

Men’s military fashion trend in action

The men’s military fashion trend is not something right out of the rack. The flamboyant style has popularized right from the time it has been introduced starting from the 1980s to the time it was revived in 2008/09. But we can see that the 1980s fashion revival is losing the charm. This decade had called for a new swatch with a high end focus on subtly and quality. The military trend that would evolve in 2010 is expected to be more articulate. Latest fashion trends suggest that the military fashion has found a stalwart position in the wardrobes of all fashion chasers.

There are two key pieces that you need to consider if you wish to try on the military trend this fall. Number one, a greatcoat. The color combos that are strongly recommended are Army green and Navy / Air Force navy hues. You can pick single or double breasted suits but never forget to detail with brass buttons. To get the authentic look, grab some antique buttons or purchase a vintage piece and simply pull out a needle and thread. Make sure that the cut has been altered accordingly. You can leave the coat belted or unbelted. Number two is almost mandatory; aviator boots with shearling. But make sure you are just being on trend not like attending a fancy dress party.

Socks with shoes raising the style quotient

Go on with your gut feeling and wear ankle socks under your favorite pair of heels. Never give it a second thought as it no longer is a faux pas. The idea is sure to get your goose bumps if you are a fashion freak. There is no room to be skeptical about it as you can start looking at the bright side of it. Point one, socks are cheap. Point two, they take up considerably less space in your wardrobe and point three, they are wholly practical. Plus the latest fashion trends suggest that it is high time you experiment something daring.

If you are having long legs, then you are at the lucky end. Keep the socks bunched up at the ankles and it would make your legs looks shorten. It is of no surprise that it would look best on you and there would be a bonus if you have defined ankles. There are, of course options open to those not blesses with models’ legs. You can go for mid-calf versions, finer fabrics that don’t bunch too much and the like. Make yourself comfortable and try out very low sitting ankle socks that would just show a peep above your shoes.

Bring in the fashion trend and dare to look like female dandy with ankle or mid-calf socks. The chic side can also be downplayed with the socks gilding with the heels. They can even be paired with man-style flats like lace up oxfords. If you are concerned about the intensity of warmth that you would get, you can wear the socks on top of stockings which would give a layered look this season.

Fashion celebrities : Kristen Stewart vs Dakota Fanning

With Twilight mania hitting we thought we’d hit up a little bit of healthy fashion competition between some of the co-stars. We’ve already given you a fashion face-off between Ashley Greene and Kristen Stewart so today we decided it was the turn of Dakota Fanning to be leaning against the latter.

Kristen and Dakota are best friends off-stage and as well as Twilight both starred in The Runaways. And it seems being close friends has rubbed off on their style too, with both ladies opting for very parallel premier dresses. At last night’s Twilight Eclipse premier both went for designer Elie Saab.

Kristen opted for a daring white backless number, while Dakota played it safer with a cute beige feathered piece. Both ladies also went for short frocks with sheer sleeve details at the The Runaways’ premier at the Cinerama Dome Arclight Theaters in Hollywood.

However, Dakota opted, for what seems to be her brand puffball frock while Kristen went for a bodycon frock. It also seems Dakota likes to play it alot safer than Kristen opting for unbiased colours such as beige and silver, in flowing styles, while Kristen goes for bodycon styles by Herve Leger, backless numbers and bright colours.

However, off the red carpet it’s a different story. While Dakota likes to experiment with the latest fashion trends such as girly pink shorts, skinny jeans and baggy tops, Kristen plays it alot safer. She’s often snapped in her Converse trainers, casual skinny jeans and a grungy top and opts for negligible make-up.

As a result we’re a little bit on the fence as to who should win our fashion face-off so we’ve decided to open up the floor to you. View the gallery of the two co-stars.

Velvet – a timeless classic

Hate it or love it, you just cannot ignore it. This applies for velvet truly. Even though many people just hate velvet and loathe its existence, it has been in the fashion trend since a long time. It is true that people may just shudder at the mere thought of post 9’s velvet revival as there were indeed some velvet disasters.

But the truth is that velvet does have some devoted followers since there have been times when velvet was capable of going so darn right. It just turned out to be that none can bear the grudge for long owing to the marvelous nature of the clothing. In 2010 fashion trend and specifically at the major fall 2010 fashion trends, velvet revival comes in many forms which just boost the oomph factor.

Velour which can be connected as a distant relative of velvet is commonly mistaken for the original most of the times. But the 2010 velvet trend clearly shows that there is no place for velour tracksuits. It has to be noted velveteen, which is also similar to velvet has a role to play. Body hugging rich velvet is on the ramp along with the floor length draping vibrant colors.

Latest classic fashion attires

People have a common tendency to confuse trend and fad with classic when they talk about fashion. While trend is a current style and fad is a practice followed for a period, by classic it means something which would be timeless. The latest fashion trends would not fall out the image of classic attires. The classic attires are usually treasured, copied and worn years after years.

Here are some latest fashion attires that had remained as timeless classics forever. The classic suit has always been a hit favorite be it a pantsuit or a skirt suit. Though detailing in the suit may change, but the trend would surely remain. Talk about jeans and it is hundred percent a classic item which has survived through centuries. People go gaga over a comfortable pair with a perfect fitting and cut. This season the trend is up for slim fit denims. High heels and evening gowns are yet other classic pieces. The charisma of classic attires is that it remains fad almost all seasons.

Spring/ summer trend of 2010

Its spring/ summer and it’s the perfect time to refresh your wardrobe. The harsh effects of global financial crisis have begun to fade and it is the best opportunity to set a course for how to dress this spring and summer.

Spring is the best time to hit the gym and which attire would more suit than hemlines that have crept up to shorter than short. Hot pants, boys shorts and tap pants are variations on this shorter than short style. Some trends have made a comeback like the knee high socks and the thigh high socks. A great pair of socks can surely add volumes to an outfit. Another fierce and interesting fashion trend is the military and the tribal trends in leather tunics, metal plating and war paint. If you want to pull off the ultimate appeal without going for micro-mini, the best choice would be long dress with a high split.

In 2010, the sportswear takes on a whole new level with football inspirations turn tomboy chic to sexy yet effortless looks. There is also the dance and 20s inspired tennis look attires in the sporty clothing. One-piece styles of clothing would always have a revival and now the trend is completely shifted to jumpsuits, playsuits and rompers.

Teen fashion trends

Teen fashion is pretty serious business. The trends are changeable, unstructured, anything but not constant. Teen age too is a precious time of life and the best time to look good. Studies expose that teenagers are more knowledgeable about any fashion accessory that other age-wise people.

Expectation from this sector is high and continuous. A designer catering to teenage fashion wear promises himself a life of insurrection and creative investigation. All teenagers are not rebels, they are just fashion conscious.

From cultural to fusion and trendy western casuals, teenage is all about joy in vivid colours. Teenagers are hard pressed for time as they are always speeding up from errands to coaching classes and regular schools. Thus they prefer something easy and relaxed. Their primary choice remains denims, jeans, washes in acid and stone. Corduroys fashions come and go. Teenagers go tremendously creative about accessories. Trinkets form bracelets, beads, clasp nose rings, cluster earrings, fake tattoos, nail painting, henna and bindis.

Carefree mind-set and the spirit of life is seen in mix and match wears, trendy jackets, stoles with tassels, bandanas, hair colour, faux fur trims on high boots and elbow pads in amazing hues. Shoes and belts are responsive to fashion demands and gadgets are trendy. Skirts go from long, to flares and short skirts from knee length to white mini skirts. Blouses come in tank tops and off shoulders for bold looks and classy colours in lilac and fuchsia in georgette or satin for a little conservative. The idea is to know the venue of your day and dress accordingly.

Racial wear for teenagers demands lot of invention. Lehengas and Ghagras come in various colours like emerald green, pool blue and be it gota, zari or embellishments in pearl, crystals or sequins, teenagers seem to need more! The demand is insatiable in fusion wear with embroidered suits for boys and jackets too. It is significant to notice the teenagers skin deep in tradition at any festival or celebration.

Though western trends such as japanese fashion seem to control teenagers in all walks of life, it is the effort of designers in balancing the ethnicity of Indian fashion. The next time you need the latest hair colour, be sure to ask a teenager!

How to succeed in modeling auditions?

There is no chance to reach the limelight if you are going to nag behind in the modeling industry since it’s extremely competitive. Before getting an actual modeling gig, aspiring models should constantly fight their way towards success by attending a number of auditions. To be precise, auditions are your gateway to glorious field of modeling. But it is really tough to succeed an audition. It would seem exactly like a job interview and would be intimidating at times.

The auditions judge your performance as a model and hence play an important role in shaping your career. Even though they are stressful, they can be managed by handling with an air of self confidence. The most important thing to keep in the mind is that you need to present yourself in the best possible way along with polishing your talents. For a model, the main aspect is projecting the attitude in the most appealing way. The confidence your shine throughout the auditions and should carry out your personality.

The audition is similar to a job interview. Hence it is important to be at the audition place on time rather than being late. Last minute tension can damage the whole performance. It would be nice if you wear something professional than revealing. The jewelry and other accessories should essentially compliment your wardrobe and should not be flashy. Make sure that your personality is getting the whole attention rather than the costumes. The makeup should also be minimal and clean. Most important thing to remember is that the more auditions you attend, the more opportunities you would get.

Oxfam’s Celebrity pop up shop opens for one week only

Pop up shops, restaurants, art galleries etc have been ‘popping up’ all over London in a bid to lure customers into a unique, quirky and interesting new experience. Not only do they make use of redundant buildings, they can provide serious cash injection for those running the guises, if done correctly. Oxfam is the latest ‘brand’ to jump on the pop up bandwagon, with the opening of the Oxfam Curiosity Shop in London’s famous department store, Selfridges.

Okay, so it’s not your usual Oxfam shop. The staff will be made up of various A–list stars selling high-end and vintage fashion garments donated to the charity by celebrities. This is a one-week only event, starting today, so shoppers will need to get cracking if they want to get their hands on items previously belonging to Alexa Chung, Lady Gaga, Helen Mirren, to name a few.

TV presenter Zoë Ball has raided her wardrobe for the cause. “Just like many women, I have often put off that much needed wardrobe clear out but I was inspired to dig out some of my old favourites for a good cause.”

Singer Annie Lenox, who is amongst the star studded work force said, “Women who are often trying to survive under conditions of chronic poverty motivated me to try to use my talents and resources to contribute to effective change.”

An online auction will be taking place (, so people outside of London can also bag a bargain celebrity piece. The money raised will go to women’s projects around the world. Not a bad reason to indulge in a bit of retail therapy. Now where did I put my credit card?