Tips to buy Trendy Womens Coats – Trench coats

Women’s coats are constantly in fashion, mostly during the cold season because it is during this time that all women wear coats. A trench coat is one type of coat that you should get for yourself if you want to look fashionable because it can make you looking sexy and stylish. The women’s coats (trench coats) are available in different colors, styles and prices. So if you are looking for a good coat, you need to have enough time with you because looking for a perfect trench coat can take a while.

Trench coats are in different styles, like I have just mentioned above and in order to get the perfect one, you need to know what you are looking for in a coat. Do you have a special design in mind? Then what about the material of the coat? Do you have any particular material in mind? These are some of the questions that you should ask yourself before you start looking for the women’s coats.

Budget is also very essential when it comes to buying women’s coats. Do you have a budget? Or do you have unconstrained budget? The prices of the trench coats can vary according to the brands and also the materials. So if you have a specific price range in mind, ask the sales person to show you the coats that comes under your budget. If you do not like any one of the women’s coats that you have seen then you can always try another store. If you have an unlimited budget then you simply have to shop till you find the right trench coat for yourself.

When you visit the shopping mall or the stores that sells women’s coats, you will be surprised by the collection of trench coats that they have with them. Try them on and see which ones you like the most. You have to make clear that you buy the right size. It should not be too big and neither should it be too small.

There is a reason why many women choose to buy trench coats when they are looking for women’s coats and the reason is because the trench coats can give them a very classy look. They can make you look stylish and with a great trench coat, you can bring out the best in yourself.

Five latest trends in wearing sunglasses

1) One of the newest trends of sunglasses this season is Ray-Ban’s Wayfarers. This fashion of sunglasses was particularly popular in 1950’s and 1960’s. This year thay made a major came back. Such sunglasses come in classic black, vintage dazzling colors or new two – toned frame choices which create the decisive classic style.

2) The 70’s style thicker frames have been admired for a few years already. However, you should be very cautious if you decide to choose these retro styles – enthused protections of sun. They should be suitable for your face features and not to look too big.

3) Tortoise shell glasses are all still very hot this year. Stylists think that they will most likely go out of style soon, but this year they are still smart. They are universal because they can be worn with any style of clothes. A good asset for a difficult financial times!

4) One of the latest trends in sunglasses are the gradient lens. These sunglasses give emphasis to lenses, which are usually half shaded from top to bottom, and not frames. Different color lenses will make you to look fresh and very stylish.

5) The round “John Lennon” style sunglasses were mostly favored by hipies. Later they were associated with such celebrities as Philip Johnson, Le Corbusier, Dominick Dunne or Gandhi. These sunglasses helped to create unique and clear style. This year “John Lennon” style sunglasses made a huge come back especially for women. So, if you want to attract lots of minds, these unusually looking sunglasses are a perfect choice for you!

The Shorts…and Boots…!

Longer days and hot nights call for shorter hem lines- but that doesn’t mean we have to deal in our boots for flip flops! The shorts are no longer assigned to weekend chores, beach cover-ups and music festivals- they have found their way to the real catwalks of Hollywood. With a little stimulation from Daisy Duke, these girls show how to breathe new life into a summer wardrobe staple.

Add a black to your outfit, and you are routinely labeled “edgy”- but to me, there is amazing about these girls that are friendly and sweet. Maybe it’s because instead of opting for a heeled boot, they went with a loose decent flat boot…or maybe it’s to do with the softer shapes of their tops- either way, I’m coveting this look…but I may have to go back over it on a really hot day.

For a simpler version of wearing boots with your shorts, keep the height of your boot to ankle length. The leg-lengthening class alone should have you stepping up out to experiment with this look! At 5’1, Nicole Richie looks as leggy as Gisele Bundchen in all her 5’10 of glory! I love how erratic the ankle boots look with the relaxed tops that these girls paired with their shorts. You almost expect a tattered flip flop- but instead you get a sexy treat….!

Socks with shoes raising the style quotient

Go on with your gut feeling and wear ankle socks under your favorite pair of heels. Never give it a second thought as it no longer is a faux pas. The idea is sure to get your goose bumps if you are a fashion freak. There is no room to be skeptical about it as you can start looking at the bright side of it. Point one, socks are cheap. Point two, they take up considerably less space in your wardrobe and point three, they are wholly practical. Plus the latest fashion trends suggest that it is high time you experiment something daring.

If you are having long legs, then you are at the lucky end. Keep the socks bunched up at the ankles and it would make your legs looks shorten. It is of no surprise that it would look best on you and there would be a bonus if you have defined ankles. There are, of course options open to those not blesses with models’ legs. You can go for mid-calf versions, finer fabrics that don’t bunch too much and the like. Make yourself comfortable and try out very low sitting ankle socks that would just show a peep above your shoes.

Bring in the fashion trend and dare to look like female dandy with ankle or mid-calf socks. The chic side can also be downplayed with the socks gilding with the heels. They can even be paired with man-style flats like lace up oxfords. If you are concerned about the intensity of warmth that you would get, you can wear the socks on top of stockings which would give a layered look this season.

Oxfam’s Celebrity pop up shop opens for one week only

Pop up shops, restaurants, art galleries etc have been ‘popping up’ all over London in a bid to lure customers into a unique, quirky and interesting new experience. Not only do they make use of redundant buildings, they can provide serious cash injection for those running the guises, if done correctly. Oxfam is the latest ‘brand’ to jump on the pop up bandwagon, with the opening of the Oxfam Curiosity Shop in London’s famous department store, Selfridges.

Okay, so it’s not your usual Oxfam shop. The staff will be made up of various A–list stars selling high-end and vintage fashion garments donated to the charity by celebrities. This is a one-week only event, starting today, so shoppers will need to get cracking if they want to get their hands on items previously belonging to Alexa Chung, Lady Gaga, Helen Mirren, to name a few.

TV presenter Zoë Ball has raided her wardrobe for the cause. “Just like many women, I have often put off that much needed wardrobe clear out but I was inspired to dig out some of my old favourites for a good cause.”

Singer Annie Lenox, who is amongst the star studded work force said, “Women who are often trying to survive under conditions of chronic poverty motivated me to try to use my talents and resources to contribute to effective change.”

An online auction will be taking place (, so people outside of London can also bag a bargain celebrity piece. The money raised will go to women’s projects around the world. Not a bad reason to indulge in a bit of retail therapy. Now where did I put my credit card?


Fashion accessories trend review with Lynne Curtin

District Bar hosted its first annual Fashion District event! It was evening filled with fashion, great music spun by DJ Rick Garcia, and fun celebrities. District bar is a contemporary Public House that prides itself on being a bar and lounge hybrid. Further demonstrating the ability to create blissful unions between fashion and service industries in Chicago they launched the innovative Fashion District Event.

The concept is simple and effective. The goal is provide an alternative way for stylish Chicagoans to experience fashion. For the kick off event, designer and star of Bravo’s The Real Housewives of Orange County , Lynne Curtin, hosted while presenting her own line of chic accessories.
Local designers Ashley Scott of Drapes, Lecrisha Sheilds of Reckless, and Kiwi Boutique also co-hosted the evening and presented their designs as well. Guests were invited to browse the latest designs and chat with the designers while enjoying half-priced bottles of wine and salads. They were even offered discounts for showing up in a vest or blazer for 10% off all non-special items.

That evening The Chicago Fashion Trends Examiner was able to have a sit down (well stand up really) conversation with Lynne Curtin of Bravo’s reality TV, Show the Real Housewives of Orange County and talk about her latest accessories line. Lynne is definitely a larger than life personality, but she definitely has a huge heart! Her passion for fashion, girl power and rock and roll were all evident that evening and showcased within her designs

Spring/summer hats gallery

The sun is shining and the first few hints of summer are showing through. We know that many of you are sitting at your desks wishing you could bask in that sun (we’re definitely wishing we were in a park with a picnic) and we’re praying as much as you that the weather continues into the weekend.

However, with the sun comes spring/summer fashion and one trend which is going to be huge this season, is hats.
These appeared across the SS2010 LFW catwalk with designers such as Mulberry and Vivienne Westwood making straw and trilby hats a key focal point in their collections.

So we’ve decided to put together a gallery of the best summer hats out there, which will not only keep you looking on-trend but also last right through to your summer holiday.
Team up with cropped jeans, denim shorts and a ethical style tee for that casual summer look or dress them up with a maxi dress for nights out in a restaurant or bar.
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