Fashion Talk – Hilary Duff, the poster girl for curves rocks in skinny jeans and heels

Today, the mother-of-one was ever the fashionista in bright red skinny jeans and a plain white T-shirt so as not to detract from her accessories. She looks gorgeous with her latest fashion trends. 

She recently told In Touch magazine: ‘I’m not perfect, but I feel fantastic. This is how it goes for most women – the weight doesn’t fall off overnight.’

Giving her petite 5ft 1in frame an additional boost, the 24-year-old tottered along on black heels instead of running errands in more practical trainers.

Hilary was enjoying an afternoon off from motherhood, heading for Switch boutique in Beverly Hills without little Luca in tow.

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Fashion Talk : Rachel Bilson Vs Jessica Alba

Both Rachel Bilson and Jessica Alba were spotted cruising LA with their casual, yet complimentary, styles.

With some over-sized shades and basic ballet flats, each of these fashion forward babes has a look all their own.

Rachel Bilson <-------------------> Jessica Alba

Check who looks coooool…….?

Fashion celebrities : Kristen Stewart vs Dakota Fanning

With Twilight mania hitting we thought we’d hit up a little bit of healthy fashion competition between some of the co-stars. We’ve already given you a fashion face-off between Ashley Greene and Kristen Stewart so today we decided it was the turn of Dakota Fanning to be leaning against the latter.

Kristen and Dakota are best friends off-stage and as well as Twilight both starred in The Runaways. And it seems being close friends has rubbed off on their style too, with both ladies opting for very parallel premier dresses. At last night’s Twilight Eclipse premier both went for designer Elie Saab.

Kristen opted for a daring white backless number, while Dakota played it safer with a cute beige feathered piece. Both ladies also went for short frocks with sheer sleeve details at the The Runaways’ premier at the Cinerama Dome Arclight Theaters in Hollywood.

However, Dakota opted, for what seems to be her brand puffball frock while Kristen went for a bodycon frock. It also seems Dakota likes to play it alot safer than Kristen opting for unbiased colours such as beige and silver, in flowing styles, while Kristen goes for bodycon styles by Herve Leger, backless numbers and bright colours.

However, off the red carpet it’s a different story. While Dakota likes to experiment with the latest fashion trends such as girly pink shorts, skinny jeans and baggy tops, Kristen plays it alot safer. She’s often snapped in her Converse trainers, casual skinny jeans and a grungy top and opts for negligible make-up.

As a result we’re a little bit on the fence as to who should win our fashion face-off so we’ve decided to open up the floor to you. View the gallery of the two co-stars.

Pam Anderson

No one dares to bare more on the dance floor than Pam Anderson. Just when you thought her skirt could not go shorter, or her cleavage baring top lower, it does. That said, no one wears nude-colored fabric better than the original Baywatch Babe. Additionally, unlike some of her competitors (ahem, Kate, ahem…) Pam seems to have fun wearing each and every outfit out on the dance floor. Which, I think, epitomizes the kitschy fashion of the show. Essentially DWTS is a mostly a show about kind of bad dancing. But if you own the borderline bad outfits along with the bad dancing, you may walk away with that shiny, shiny trophy, and heck, you may have learned something.
What I’ve learned from watching is that if you wanna put some sparkle in your wardrobe, just do it. If you own a piece de resistance that could stand to be be-jeweled and bedazzled, go for it. We only live once, so we should wear what makes us happy–although, we may need to take a few ballroom dance lessons to compliment our sparkles.

Pamela Anderson confesses

LONDON – Former “Baywatch” star Pamela Anderson has confessed that she took cocaine when she was young.

The 42-year-old experimented with the Class A drug when she was younger but insists she didn’t enjoy the effects the illegal substance had on her, reports

“Well I’ve tried it and I don’t like it. I’m completely hyper and it actually doesn’t work for me. I’ve dabbled in things,” she said.

The mother of two admits she still drinks on occasions.

“I haven’t had a drink in a month, I don’t drink. I’ll drink champagne sometimes and I’ll get a little crazy, doing back flips and you know wrestling people on the floor, but I’m taking a break right now, my friend calls it ‘detox so you can retox’,” she said.

Megan Fox Loved to Being a Lesbian Vampire

FOXY Megan Fox loved playing a lesbian vampire in new movie Jennifer’s Body – she even stayed in character when the cameras stopped rolling!

The actress says her part was so well written, she found it hard to snap out of.

“The roles were so amazing and so well written that I think we all ended up being those characters full-time and taking them home with us,” says Megan.

“I don’t mean I took on some of my character’s more extreme behavior but I definitely felt like she was part of me even when we were not shooting.”

Megan, 23, recently revealed that she accepted her role in Jennifer’s Body because the screenwriter wore ’stripper shoes’.

“Diablo Cody was really shy and really nice and she had on these six-inch pair of clear high heels, like the kind that strippers wear,” she said.

“I loved that in Hollywood here she was walking around in stripper shoes.

“It’s what swayed me to do the movie.”

Penelope Cruz Sanchez a spot light

Penelope Cruz Sanchez was born in Madrid, Spain, on April, 28, 1974. Raised along with brother Eduardo and sister Monica, Penelope was always fond of the arts, particularly ballet and jazz dancing. Her passion for dance led to her decision to abandon traditional schooling, focusing her time and energy instead on the graceful art of classical ballet.

“Pe,” as she is nicknamed, may not have her high school diploma, but she is very much educated. Before making the transition to acting, Penelope had completed nine years of classical ballet training, three years of Spanish ballet training and four years of theater at Cristina Rota’s New York school. Read more..