Short jeans hits the minds of the teenage.

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Latest Jeans Fashion Trends for Women

Latest Painted Jeans Fashion Trend for Women is one the most general latest fashion trend in all over the world, the finest thing about this fashion is that you can design or paint anything you want there is no restriction about this fashion, we can design anything we want like flowers, our own words or name anything, it’s just like liberty of clothing.

Latest Painted Jeans Fashion Trend came to market when designers start using paints on their own clothes like shirts and jeans and by the time people start doing this on their own and this fashion then got famed like now it is.

Let’s take a look on Painted Fashion Jeans so we can get some ideas about how to paint a jeans or t-shirt with colors and techniques.

Latest Fashion Trends for Teenage

Teenage fashion is the new buzz in the glamor world. It is quite amazing to see that nowadays young boys and girls are making a conscious attempt to “fit in” the fashion world with their own unique and fresh sense of style. The teenage style is unique and quite distinctive.

The most amazing thing about today’s teens is that they are not nervous to experiment with different colors and varied types of clothing style. The primary principle for them is to highlight their personality in order to position themselves as a “trendsetter” among their friends and college mates. There is an array of dressing styles that are allowing teens multiple choices to make the most appropriate selection.

Teenage Jeans Fashion Trends

Some trends can never go out of fashion irrespective of what are the latest fads and trends. A nice pair of jeans is just that one perfect piece of clothing. It’s comfortable, stylish and wearable on several occasions. Among the girls, skinny and fitted jeans are on the rage particularly hourglass shaped girls look their best in such jeans as these tend to emphasize their slender and slim figure. Both young boys and girls can wear jeans teamed with some bright and trendy T-shirts in order to get that ideal stylish look.

Elegant Clothing for Young Girls to Suit Special Occasions

Girls love to dress up in gorgeous dresses that would capture the very essence of their femininity and elegance. There are several occasions like the school prom where the girls would want to stand out and make other girls envy of their personal sense of style. In order to suit such occasions, long flowing gowns and dresses would be ideal to make a perfect style statement. The most ultimate gowns that are mostly preferred by young girls are the Cinderella dresses that make them look really elegant and chic. This type of clothing includes numerous other dresses that would really compliment the young style. Empire dresses are another favorite of many that are usually high waist dresses that tend to bring out the youthful effect. Such dresses are usually preferred in bright and vibrant colors like hot pink, purple, blue, lavender and turquoise.

Teen clothing is all about being fun and youthful. Their sense of dressing is bright and flamboyant. They know how to mix and match to get a unique sense of style and bring out their creativity and freshness in style and glamour. Yes, they are avid followers of their role models in the fashion industry, yet they make sure that their personal sense of style comes to surface.

Keep yourself up with latest fashion trends with trendy clothing range and magnificent jewelry designs.

Tips for wearing purple dress

Confused about how to wear a tough color like purple? This rich tone looks great on everyone, mixing the best qualities of red and blue to flatter most skin tones.

Here are the few tips that show, how to wear it right:

– Pair with black or other dark neutral color like charcoal. A purple blouse under a dark suit looks great for work.

– Strike up purple by wearing with eye-popping bright like grass green or lime. A purple sweater with a dazzling green scarf radiates personality.

– Balance purple tones with purple eye shadow, just keep the shadow very sheer and light (too-dark purple eye shadow sometimes gives you a black eye look).

– Play purple off of similarly strong prints. A bright purple dress with zebra (black and white) print shoes is fun and funky.

Are Fashion designers, the God of fashion world?

Fashion designers help make the billions of clothing articles, shoes, and accessories purchased every year by regulars. Fashion designers working for clothing wholesalers or manufacturers create designs for the mass market. Fashion designers are the people who create the stylish, whimsical, fun, silly, and often luxurious clothes we see parading down runways twice a year. Fashion designers design and create clothing and accessories for men, women and children. Some high-fashion designers are freelanced and design for individual clients. Other high-fashion designers cater to specialty stores or high-fashion department stores.


Fashion design is the applied art committed to the design of clothing and lifestyle accessories created within the cultural and social influences of a specific time. Fashion designers have brought about a storm in this glamour world with their creditably fabulous variety. Fashion industry has always welcomed new talent giving rise to the budding stars of tomorrow. Only clothing created after 1858 could be considered as fashion design.

Throughout the early 20th century, practically all high fashion originated in Paris, and to a lesser extent London. At this time in fashion history the division between haute couture and ready-to-wear was not sharply defined.


Designers know they have this power, and will continue to use it to the power of global fashions throughout the eras. These designers create original outfits, as well as those that follow established fashion trends. Most fashion designers, however, work for attire manufacturers, creating designs of men’s, women’s, and children’s fashions for the mass market. Designer brands which have a ‘name’ as their brand such as Calvin Klein or Ralph Lauren are likely to be designed by a team of individual designers under the trend of a designer director. Thus, the tradition of designers sketching out garment designs instead of presenting completed clothing on models to customers began as an economy.

Fashionable Western styles were adopted all over the world, and many designers from outside of the West had a profound force on fashion. Currently, modern fashion has seen a suggestion to technology such as designers Hussein Chalayan and Miuccia Prada who have introduced industrial textiles and modern technology into their fall collections. Mass market designers generally adapt the trends set by the famous names in fashion. Increasingly, many modern high-end designers are now started to turn to mass market retailers to produce lower-priced products, and to broaden their customer base. Perhaps most importantly, designers use their imaginations to come up with new ideas.

There are a number of familiar fashion design schools worldwide. Most fashion design courses last for three years. As well as teaching students about the artistic and technical side of the subject, some courses include a year working in the fashion industry, to give students a taste of commercial fashion design. Others offer the chance to visit fashion houses abroad.

Leighton Meester at “Date Night” premiere in NYC

Maybe it’s because we’re used to seeing Leighton Meester super polished and posh on Gossip Girl every Monday night, but her look for the New York City premiere of Date Night, starring Tina Fey and Steve Carrell, was all over the place. The light and messy hair, ultra shiny skin and bright lips were overwhelming for Meester’s classic beauty.

Meester’s Giambattista Valli frock was bright and printed, two strong trends for spring. While we’re happy Meester didn’t resort to spray tanning herself orange, the colors washed her out and the cut of the dress was not flattering. Black cage booties were the only thing that looked good, but still heavy for spring. Note to Meester and stylist – it’s spring! How about a gorgeous pink or coral frock and metallic extras?

London Home of Fashion Trends

London is always famous to be at the cutting edge of fashion. But a new research says that the girls in North Britain are far more glamorous than the London fashionistas.

The ladies from the places including Manchester, Leeds, Newcastle and Liverpool are quicker to pick up on the fashion trends, compared to the southern lasses. They are also up to date with the style and latest trends than those down the south.

Leeds in West Yorkshire kicked off the killer heels look where as Scousers from Liverpool, including the model WAG Alex Curran were among the most popular on the fake tan trends and wear the hair curlers out.

Glasgow girls were fastest to turn on the hair straighteners where as Geordies were the fake-eyelashes’ trendsetters. Brummies had headed to wearing shorts the earliest and Cardiff girls were the earliest with the subtle lip glosses. The Essex girls were the early adopters of WAG style shades, while Bournemouth came up with pioneer push-up bras.

London gals generally have headed for the spark duller styles including the skinny jeans and ‘the boyfriend look’. They were always the well-liked and attention grabbing fashion styles.

The figures emerged after Debenhams analysed sales from the past decade. “It is assumed trends start in London but northern cities tend to pick up on trends faster and wear them bigger and brighter,” says a spokesman.