Fashion talk – Is this a trend?

Tucking in shirts only in the front be a trend?

I don’t think that this is a trend; it’s just something you do when you consider the shirt is better tucked in or just left out. It’s nice when it seems effortless, but when you go through town and see everyone is doing this same thing…

You can find this type of style among the teens and even for few, this might be a habit. Any way it not so vulgar and any one can try this (both male and female).

What makes you special when you’re 30-something?

Every one enjoys each phase of their life, I have to say. I enjoyed my clothes when I was a child, a youngster, a teen, a young woman and now, well, I can still relate to my ‘a girl who is no longer a girl’ identity.
People normally agree it is after 34 that it is tricky for oneself to understand things as you don´t see big changes day by day, but something slightly…off. You need good friends and BIG mirrors!

I think that someone who accepts their age is more pleasing than someone who tries to dress younger. But everyone’s different.

People first grew aware of being older; they worried a lot about “pulling things off” and the rules. Now I don’t really care. It doesn’t matter if you are 18 or 38, but if you dress with aptitude and knowledge of your own body and proclivities and lifestyle, what you wear will make sense for you.

In this over-teenagerized world the beauty of a grown up woman is sometimes minimized, but that doesn´t diminish at all its magnificence. I have never looked back, and I feel more comfortable with myself now than ever, but sometimes it can be not easy for women to see role models in the media who really embrace and love their age without fighting silly battles to stop the unstoppable and to make youth longer.

From the people in the streets you can get the most innocent opinion of your image as sometimes people just say things like: you look younger, etc just as a compliment but a woman looks so silly when she says :Everybody tells me I look younger…

“You look younger it´s a rather pitiful compliment.
“You look great! That´s a great one…

Love your mid 30’s as how you loved your teen. Gather friends and enjoy your life with the trend that makes you more comfort at that time. Also mark your presence with the elegant dresses. Try to be a role model to your daughter as they are the precious gifts for you. “Mom, you look great….” These words from your loved daughters are more precious than to dress younger.

Fashion Talk – Do you have to follow fashion trends?

I think a trend begins with a definite style. It can be a range from a celebrity trying something a certain way, to a common Joe or Jill who disreputably wears something that becomes fashionable or fun. It continues with others wanting to sport that equivalent look. And when it seems like several people are sporting a specific style… you got a trend.

The base in fashion is inspiration. Without inspiration, you’re basically just throwing together clothes. Inspiration may even come along with pieces inspired by celebrities, musicians, athletes, etc. I am even remembering the late 1990s of message T-shirts saying matter like “I Have the Golden Ticket” and “Dump Him.” But I think for it to become a trend, you have to see lots of people commits one style or wearing a certain style in different ways. Like when many of people wore skulls, it was because someone got looks to sell, and it caught on with people.

Do you have to follow trends? Absolutely not. But if there is a style you love, I’m sure you’ll want to sport someone else’s look and style with your own personal flair.

GENUINE TRENDS, now and then genuine don’t always mean following design cues from fashion designers and fashion stylists. It can be from normal people who probably aren’t even trying to look stylish or cool. As the name of an old movie suggests, “Gold is Where You Find It.”

Please let me know your thoughts on fashion trends and fashion clothing

Maxi skirts – Again among teen clothing trends

Maxi skirts are yet again in the fashion clothing. You can notice many runways full of maxi skirt. It is one of the most feminine attire. Maxi skirt can be the excellent option for those who are not having right stature for maxi dresses. The print, style and color make maxi skirt look unusual from other. If you are bore of jeans, then maxi skirt is amazing alternative.

Maxi skirts are like consent for fatty women, especially for heavy bottom women. It is in full length skirt, so it covers your full legs. Women those who do not like to show their legs, maxi skirts are the finest alternative for them. Maxi Skirts are primarily known as a casual wear. It can easily replace an evening dress. You can wear maxi skirt for evening walk, any party or for shopping. It is ideal for any event.

You can wear all most anything with maxi skirt like shirt, tops, tunics blouse etc. Even you can combine and match maxi skirt with different style of top and can get special looks from same skirt. Maxi skirts have its own style and preference among the teen fashion trends.

Few talks about Maxi Skirt:

I don’t have a maxi skirt, but I recently unearthed a vintage maxi dress from my mum’s wardrobe and I finally plucked up the courage to wear it out yesterday (I’m very small, about 5’3″, so I’ve always felt that a maxi would swamp me) and I got loads of compliments. I feel like I’ve been converted to the maxi dress/skirt trend and I am hoping to add a maxi skirt or two to my vwardrobe in the near future. So, YES, therawpower, you can pull it off! I’m shorter than you and I can pull it off. You just need to get the right fit for your body shape.

to all the shorties: maxi skirts + high waists (a la bonbonenata) are perfection! i LOVE long skirts. they sure beat all the butt-grazing minis that are out there.

Reference of these above talks within the quotes:

Teenagers Vs. Fashion Trends

If we walk out of the house, we will definitely find a young child or teen with its varied makeup. Unconsciously we too are also doing a judgment of the people who ran in front of us, based on the outfit he/she was wearing, the type of phone he was carrying, haircut, or even the perfume he/she used.

Teenagers have a lot of ways to hunt attention. Some of these are performed with the eccentric, to be different from the others. They began to look odd with the rare appearance of some controversy. Parents are so worried because of what is shown is considered deviated from the traditional oriental. Skimpy clothing for young women all-round well-liked.

Teens love to look odd, it is often asked when observing their appearance in some public places. The unusual can be seen from the way they dress and physical routine. Who commented this is the way teenagers look for attention to show who he/she is. Fashions are regularly changing from time to time. And it seems, many teens who feel less slang if it does not follow fashion trends. Surely one should not follow the trend of cutting-edge fashionable dress. But, teens should also take into consideration the norms existing in the vicinity.

Clothing or fashion has now become a new symbol in the association for young people. Teenagers are in general considered less fashionable can’t follow the developments of time, and as a result may be overlooked by his friends. And to show it all, one is to follow fashion, lifestyle, and behaviors like most teenagers portrayed in the TV media. Therefore, anything related to teenager attractive, fashionable, and not cheesy, always fixed on the screened images on TV.

Fashion Trends Rocks and Rolls – Return of Denim Jackets

The Denim Jackets are here once again. It’s after a shatter from the leather jackets in trend preceding season that Denims come back in style. But this time 80’s fashion is going to come back live in a more stylized way. Earlier where Denim Jackets were worn out in a more formal look, with jeans and fitted skirts for women.

Today Denim jackets goes more casual. Put on your jacket with rolled up sleeves for more funky look, you can even unit it with a plain loose dress, shorts or wear it in shirt style. Torn effect is in vogue with a lot of washes on the jackets. Today even shrugs/ short coats / jeans are coming in denim, with a lot of light prints over them. They look so cute and nice.

We should also be grateful for the designers for playing a vital role in booming the Denim industry. Where Denims were worn in slight cold weather earlier, today people are wearing it at any point of time, summer or winter does not make much difference. The material being used today is so superior that it does not make us feel hot. The prints over it and the styles available induce us to wear it. After all whatever we say jackets always give a stylish look, if clubbed properly as the whole attire.

Here are two images that shows the best use of Denim Jackets.

Teen fashion trends – A collage campus

These days’ college fashion trends are no longer restricted to being replica of celebrities. College students are also establishing their fashion intelligence and have turn out to be a topic of great conversation about fashion. We know fashion is an ever growing impression, which is generally borrowed from the earlier period. Therefore, here are some ever green college fashion trends.

White shirt and denim jeans have at all times their copyright on casual wears and are still hit. Now, accepting the college crowd needs, various fashion houses have started experiments on denim. High rise, Low waist, mid rise, buttoned up etc. Having bought that you can now experiment you own sense of fashion into it.

Black Is Beautiful

Black color is always beautiful. Teenage fashion tips also allow you to have black in your clothing. Black is stylish and for the college dates and special days you can exhibit yourself in black to grab all the attention.

Careless Beauty

You are at the best age of life and your beauty is a gift to you. Make up is to hide the faults; you do not need it now. Enjoy your casual way of life and stay happy. Don’t be too perfect. Over dressing will only make up stand out from crowd and kill the casual mood.

Today it’s Fashion, Tomorrow its pain

Looking good might not always be the best thing for you. Today’s society is highly fashion and style mindful. Unfortunately, clothing designers and stylists aim to satisfy by creating unique looks that might not always be realistic or even comfortable.

Women usually wear high heels to match an outfit, not for comfort, but some might not understand that these shoes can cause serious ache in the feet and can also make worse back pain. High heels adjust the balanced position of a person’s body. When a woman wears high heels, a new dynamic equilibrium occurs. Fundamentally, wearing high heels for any short of time increases the normal forward curve of the back and causes the pelvis to tip forward. This alters the normal pattern of the pelvis and spine necessary for the body to maintain a center of gravity.

Both men and women fall into the fashion trap. However, women, more than men, tend to wear outfit that are too tight. Stylish tight tube skirts and tight pants can be good-looking, but are often too restrictive. Clothes that are too tight throw a person off-balance, and simple everyday tasks such as bending, sitting and walking become hard. Tight clothes restrict a person from moving comfortably, resulting in poor bearing and misalignment of the spine.

One should keep in mind, whatever things that we consider as today’s fashion might be tomorrow’s pain. We must be careful in choosing the right fashion attires like shoes, high heels, tight pants and shirts. Choose the cloths and fashion accessories that mostly fit our body. Enjoy the world of fashion trends with comfort.