Megan Fox Loved to Being a Lesbian Vampire

FOXY Megan Fox loved playing a lesbian vampire in new movie Jennifer’s Body – she even stayed in character when the cameras stopped rolling!

The actress says her part was so well written, she found it hard to snap out of.

“The roles were so amazing and so well written that I think we all ended up being those characters full-time and taking them home with us,” says Megan.

“I don’t mean I took on some of my character’s more extreme behavior but I definitely felt like she was part of me even when we were not shooting.”

Megan, 23, recently revealed that she accepted her role in Jennifer’s Body because the screenwriter wore ’stripper shoes’.

“Diablo Cody was really shy and really nice and she had on these six-inch pair of clear high heels, like the kind that strippers wear,” she said.

“I loved that in Hollywood here she was walking around in stripper shoes.

“It’s what swayed me to do the movie.”

Actress Megan Fox – A spot Light

Actress Megan Fox appears for a premiere of “Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen” in Tokyo on June 9. This was the first stop in a two-week promotional tour for the film through Asia, Europe and the U.S., during which the 23-year-old native of Tennessee showed not only a knack for self-promotion with several loopy and provocative statements, but also a solid fashion sense.

Arriving at the Japanese premiere of the film that night, Fox wore a purple satin Donna Karan gown and a pair of Stuart Weitzman pumps ($365). Adding to her quirky appeal, Fox’s shoulder strap appeared eager to meet up with the long split of her gown.

Fashion isn’t just about clothes. Fox looked great that day, but instead of sitting like a mannequin during the press conference, she worked the room, first with a bit of a thumb nibble …

… then making friends with the photographers …

Later that night, Fox had Googlers the world over searching for “little black dress” with this Hervé Leroux LBD with transparent panels.

Back to classy in London on the 15th, Fox donned a black jersey gown by KaufmanFranco.

The backless gown scooped down into another cutout, but this one didn’t have any faux reptiles nestling on its edges.

Fox also amped up the hoops, let her hair flow over one shoulder and darkened the eye makeup to accentuate the dress. If she had lost her critics in Berlin, she won them back with this outfit.

That night, Fox tore up another red carpet with a ’50s-style look featuring an Armani Privé strapless dress and gold leaf earrings.

Last stop — Los Angeles, where Fox put the capper on a successful tour on Monday night by going back to KaufmanFranco for this sleek, white gown with a black belt and a pair of jeweled hoop earrings.

Finally, she walks off the runway and back to a career that is growing busier by the month. Fox has one movie currently filming, another in post-production and three more to which her name has been attached, according to In another year or two, we may know whether she can act as well as she can dress.